Real Benefits Of A Natural Liver Detox Diet

A natural liver detox diet is pretty much the same thing as a “normal” detox – it’s all about eating liver “friendly” foods and drinking plenty of water. Here’s why you need to detox your liver on a regular basis.

The job of the liver’s filtration system is to keep the blood as pure as possible. To do this, it has to sort out the good stuff from the bad and filter off the toxins. You can detox your liver by nourishing yourself with nutritious, freshly prepared foods, and avoid fizzy drinks, alcohol and processed foods, then you will give your liver the best chance of eliminating any poisonous chemicals that it does encounter. You’ll also be giving it the time to deal with the backlog of toxins it has had to store in its own liver cells.

Another of the liver’s problems is that many of the toxic chemicals that enter the body will not dissolve in water. They are fat soluble. The liver, therefore, having difficulty breaking them down, sends them to the fat stores. But until the body needs these fat cells (for conversion into energy), they will just sit there filling up with more toxins that can cause problems later. This is one of the main reasons why people find it difficult to lose weight. It is also why, during a natural liver detox diet, I recommend exercise – and also massage and manual lymphatic drainage – to break down the fat stores so that they are released along with the toxins.

One of the reasons I suggest avoiding fruit during a natural liver detox diet is to encourage the body to convert those stored up, fatty, toxic cells into energy, rather than draw that energy from the sugar in fruit. Because it is easier to derive energy directly from sugar, the liver will always opt for that route rather than the more laborious process of converting energy from fat. This is also why many people report a reduction in cellulite when following a natural liver detox diet, as these subcutaneous fat cells gradually get broken down.

Why You Must Detox Your Liver Regularly

Every drug, virus, bacterium, artificial chemical, pesticide, hormone (both taken in or self made) has to be broken down (metabolized) by the enzyme pathways inside the liver cells. This is a massive job for any organ to have to do. If your beleaguered liver becomes completely overworked and congested, it will itself eventually break down and could lead to liver disease. You must, therefore, respect this vital organ and look after it. After all, you only have the one.

Cleansing the liver is fundamental to a body detox, so help this process by eating plenty of raw vegetables (40 per cent of your diet should consist of raw vegetables). Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, greens and broccoli are especially good to detox your liver as they are an excellent source of the B vitamins and minerals that the liver needs to cleanse its detoxification pathways.

Symptoms You May Encounter During A Liver Cleanse

Once you start a detox diet and your re-energized liver begins to release the toxins in your body into your blood stream, during the first 48 hours you may experience such symptoms as headaches, stomach pain, nausea, fatigue and even mild palpitations. If this happens, drink herbal teas with honey to maintain your blood sugar levels – and drink lots of water.

Remember too that when you have learnt how to take care of your body, your mind will also become clearer and more focused and you will feel less anxious, more relaxed and will sleep better each night.

You will be ready for some wonderful ways of promoting physical and mental wellbeing – such as yoga, meditation exercises and massage.

If you decide to chart or monitor your progress through a natural liver detox diet this will help you to monitor your detox symptoms and maintain your new-found vitality. As well as being fun to use, they also offer practical information about your health, personality and behavior, give you an idea of your metabolic profile and indicate areas which may not be working as well as they should.

Your goal is a healthy balance in all things, and these charts are excellent tools for learning about your own particular balance – and for keeping track of your natural liver detox diet progress.